Sarcoma is a cancer of the soft tissue or bones that requires management and oversight through a multidisciplinary team process at a specialist tumour centre and by a tumour surgeon.

There are four dedicated centres for bone tumour treatment in the country of which the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is the largest in Europe. Treatment for sarcoma usually compromises a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The decisions surrounding treatment are made by the specialist centre.

In my role in the NHS as the Clinical Lead of the Oncology department at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and a bone & soft tissue cancer surgeon I am able to provide expert advice and surgical treatment for all types of sarcoma and metastatic bone cancer in all parts of the skeleton. 

If you have a unexplained soft tissue lump that is enlarging or becoming painful or unexplained bone pain then I would advise that you make an appointment with your GP as they will have access to a rapid referral pathway into your local hospital clinic that can perform the necessary investigations and, if required, refer you on to a specialist centre.

Please see the resources page for more information on Sarcoma.